Sunday School

"The Little Lambs" Little Lambs is a high energy class of 2 year olds to 5 year olds.  They meet upstairs in the church where they can visit, play and learn about God and His plan through various learning experiences!!     



Ms. Robin Frost -  Little Lambs Teacher

"Team Christ" Team Christ is our childrens age Sunday School class.  The group meets in the parsonage Ms. Martha Steele will be teaching this group.  Team Christ will have the opportunity to fellowship and learn about God's word. 



Ms. Martha Steele -Team Christ Teacher



TNT - Tweens and Teens The Tweens and Teens "TNT group is a class we are offering  tailored specifically for our  youth!!  During class youth will have the opportunity to fellowship with each other, learn God's word and grow in their faith.  "TNT meets in the parsonage.



Ms. Roberta Webb - "TNT" Teacher

"Pairs and Spares Meets in the parsonage for Sunday School.  If you are a young adult and  want to connect with other young adults, "Pairs and Spares  is for you!!  Class time will be spent on fellowshipping, sharing burdens, and bible study.  A great place to connect!!





Steven & Scarlet Kirby - Pairs & Spares teachers


"The Salt of the Earth" If you feel the young adult years have passed, then "The Salt of the Earth is for you!!  This adult Sunday School class meets in the meeting room of the church building.  This group offers fellowship time, an in-depth bible study and who knows where the conversations may take you!!



Ms. Peggy Smith -"The Salt of the Earth" Teacher









Sierra Frost - Song Leader                                                                                                                                 Susan Hampton - Pianist

Jim Thomas - Organist 


Wednesday Night Programs



Sunday School 9:45 AM
Sunday Worship 11:00 AM
Meal 5:30 PM
Children/Youth 6:30 PM
Bible Study 6:30 PM
Young Adult Study 6:30 PM

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